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Poll: Working Boomers Say Age a Plus at Office – ABC News

Feel like the office geezer? Age may be an asset at work, or no issue at all, according to an poll.

Nearly half of those born between 1946 and 1964 now work for a younger boss, and most report that they are older than most colleagues. But 61 percent of the baby boomers surveyed said their age is not an issue at work, while 25 percent called it an asset.

Only 14 percent classified getting older as a workplace liability.

In fact, most of those who have reached age 50 noted…
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via Poll: Working Boomers Say Age a Plus at Office – ABC News.

Are Index Investors Getting Shortchanged? –

Indexing looks to be winning the battle for investors' hearts and minds—and wallets. But how much some of the latest converts to indexing are actually saving with the move is far less clear.

That is because many investors are buying the funds through financial advisers, many of whom are moving to a fee-based model—negating the funds' low-cost advantage. And they often use index funds in tandem with pricier conventional funds. Read more…

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Rebalancing Your Investment Portfolio

How would you like $4,290,387? It’s easy! Just go back to 1972 and invest $100,000 into a well-diversified portfolio. Not enough money for you? Well, then, here’s how you can add $334,124 to that tidy sum: Simply rebalance this well-diversified portfolio annually.

via Rebalancing Your Investment Portfolio.

How to Invest in ETFs –

ETFs appeal to long-term investors looking for simple low-cost portfolios and to active traders who want to buy and sell complicated financial products throughout the day. Read more…

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7 Reasons Retirement Will Be Difficult for Generation Y – Yahoo! Finance

Retirement is hard …and for the next generation (the ones still in their second quarter), it may be REALLY hard. Here’s an article that explains why.

7 Reasons Retirement Will Be Difficult for Generation Y – Yahoo! Finance.

Financial Advice for Pre-Retirees –

The attached article was in this morning’s edition of the Wall Street Journal (12/06/2010).  It has some very good suggestions concerning:

  • Strategies for a skimpy nest egg.
  • The risk of being too conservative or too risky
  • Having too much 401(k) money in company stock
  • The advantages of having more of a balance stock/bond portfolio

Leave a comment if you find this informative, or if you have any questions.

Financial Advice for Pre-Retirees –

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

Ever thought about trying to pay off your mortgage early?  Read this first? Before you do, read this article from Robert Brokamp posted at Motley Fool’s “Rule Your Retirement.” The article discusses the pros and cons of paying off your home mortgage early.

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?.