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Are Index Investors Getting Shortchanged? –

Indexing looks to be winning the battle for investors' hearts and minds—and wallets. But how much some of the latest converts to indexing are actually saving with the move is far less clear.

That is because many investors are buying the funds through financial advisers, many of whom are moving to a fee-based model—negating the […]

Rebalancing Your Investment Portfolio

How would you like $4,290,387? It’s easy! Just go back to 1972 and invest $100,000 into a well-diversified portfolio. Not enough money for you? Well, then, here’s how you can add $334,124 to that tidy sum: Simply rebalance this well-diversified portfolio annually.

via Rebalancing Your Investment Portfolio.

How to Invest in ETFs –

ETFs appeal to long-term investors looking for simple low-cost portfolios and to active traders who want to buy and sell complicated financial products throughout the day. Read more…

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John C. Bogle: On Mutual Funds, Cheaper Is Better –

How much is your fund manager making off your hard earned retirement investment dollars. Studies show that funds with high fees are likely a bad investment.

John C. Bogle: On Mutual Funds, Cheaper Is Better –

Danger In Your 401(k) –

If you are still in the workplace, you might find this article interesting–especially, if you are making the possible mistake of showing your company loyalty by placing too many of your 401K eggs in their basket.

Danger In Your 401(k) –